The year 2019. was very special to me - I had the honor as Conference Ambassador and AWS Community Hero to promote and to help the branding of Sofia and Bulgaria on a global scale as one of the leading destinations in SEE for IT.

My role was to drive…

The year 2018 is still here, but as soon as the winter comes, I have an urge to make a review of my yearly activities. I will start doing it right away, and I will be glad to share my journeys with you.

So, here we go!

1. May 2018 — EESTech Challenge: Big Data Analysis, Final Round 2018, AWS Consulting Support

May brought an exciting event to the city of Novi Sad, my hometown. It was EESTech Challenge contest which gathered engineering students from all over Europe. The competition was organized by local EESTEC — Electrical Engineering STudents’ European assoCiation branch.

In the period from 10th to…

“When it comes to cloud adoption, the biggest challenge isn’t technology — it’s the people and processes that must change and adapt” — Forbes

The impact of cloud adoption will affect not only your application workloads but also your organization, business models, HR and procurement processes. Organizations need to examine…

Growth initiatives fail for many reasons. The strategy may be flawed, or execution may fail short. Most often, however, initiatives fail because of people BCG.”

The concept of “people, process & technology ” is of crucial importance to successful project implementations and organizational change because operational efficiency requires an…

Hello, my dear friends, it’s been a while since I wrote here. The reason is not the lack of interest, but the lack of time and some health troubles that I had. No worries, everything is just fine with me now (I just need to slow down a bit and…


Download Guide: Creating an AWS CAF Action Plan

AWS CAF Action Plans help you prepare for the transition to cloud-based IT. The journey begins with your leadership team reviewing the six CAF perspectives. Each perspective is used to create work streams that uncover gaps in your existing skills and…

Process methodologies have evolved from Waterfall (measure twice — cut once) to Agile (fast discovery — slow integration) and DevOps (fast discovery — continuous integration).

Follow the model to see where you are and determine how to move quickly through the four key stages of cloud adoption maturity: project, foundation, migration, and optimization.

To fully benefit from the AWS Cloud, the whole organization has to transform and adopt the cloud — not just the IT division.

Each stage brings an organization’s people, processes, and technologies closer to realizing its vision of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

Beautiful view on Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Hello friends, I’m back with another great story.

But first, check this out…

“This month we had our biggest meetup ever. We moved our regular meetup date to coincide with AWS Cloud Day in Hobart (a day of workshops run by AWS).

The AWS team joined us for the meet…

It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote the first post about individuals who founded AWS User Groups in their communities and joined my ambitious project of connecting founders and organizers of these groups into a single vibrant community.

And yet, today I found myself writing my 5th post…

Aleksandar Nenov

SiteOps Team Lead at MENU Technologies AG, AWS Community Hero

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